Octavia Johnson

Octavia Johnson on the ISSUES

We have come too far for the left to pull down and destroy everything our fore fathers fought for. We find ourselves and this great Commonwealth in the predicament that our first Governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry feared; putting too much power in the hands of government. Therefore, he helped to create the Bill of Rights to protect our individual freedoms and limit the power of government.  

As your Governor this is where I stand on the issues:

First and Second Amendments: As your Governor I am ready for battle, to stand and defend our First and Second Amendments. The last four years the Democrats  have chipped away at our right to bear arms, our freedom of speech and freedom of Religion. Strip clubs, bars and ABC stores were open during the pandemic. But our churches were closed and called non-essential.

Voter Integrity: They want you to believe that voter fraud does not exist. But we know otherwise. People have been convicted of voter fraud. As your Governor I will support voter ID and updating voter rolls. 

School Choice: School choice has become more important to me. I have been a babysitter to my two nieces. When it came time for Jesara to go to pre-school, her mother and I wanted her to attend a school in a safe and secure environment where she would be taught a curriculum supportive of our moral standards. Raise up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart. I support school choice.

Pro-Life: I support life in the womb. God is the creator of all life. For you created my inner most being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I will fight to protect life.

As your Governor I will put the best interest of all citizens of Virginia ahead of politics, political parties, or self interest.