Octavia Johnson

Volunteer for Octavia Johnson

VOTE Octavia Johnson, Virginia Governor, November 2, 2021


Voting is the most important part of the Election process.


Be a Delegate for Octavia Johnson at the Unassembled Convention, May, 8, 2021. Convention Delegates will cast their ballots at 37 locations across the state. Site locations will be announced beginning April 12. 

Delegates must pre-register. Email: electoctaviajohnson@yahoo.com and request a delegate registration form. Please provide your name, street address, phone number, email address, and we will send you the delegate registration form. We will inform you of your site location as soon as we receive that information. 

Thank you for being a Convention Delegate for Octavia Johnson, May 8, 2021.


If you don’t have time to volunteer on Octavia’s campaign you can make a donation to the elect Octavia Johnson VA Governor.


One way to express your endorsement for Octavia Johnson is through a letter to the editor in your local or area paper. If you feel strongly about Octavia, show your support by writing an effective letter to the editor.

If you’d like to write a letter, here are the guidelines for the Roanoke Times. Check with your local area paper for their specific quidelines.

  • Letters must include full name, address and daytime phone number Note: They only publish name and city
  • Keep it short and simple. It should be 200 words or less
  • Writers are limited to one published letter in any 30-day period
  • Be positive and stick to a single issue.
  • All letters are subject to editing by the Roanoke Times.

Submit your letter by e-mail to letters@roanoke.com or;

by Mail to:
Letters to the Editor
P. O. Box 2491
Roanoke, VA 24010


Talk to your friends and family about voting and tell them why you are voting for Octavia Johnson. Personal contact is the best way to motivate someone to vote or get involved in Octavia’s campaign.


Individuals or a Community Group or Organization are encouraged to host a Meet and Greet in your neighborhood and invite your family, friends and associates to meet Octavia. If you would like to schedule a Meet and Greet or information on how to plan a Meet and Greet send an email to electoctaviajohnson@yahoo.com


You can volunteer to help for an hour, a day, a week, a month, whatever your schedule will allow. Octavia recognizes the value of your time and would appreciate any commitment you can make to her campaign.

There are several ways you can help the campaign:

  • Passing out campaign literature
  • Making phone calls
  • Host a Meet and Greet
  • Place a Octavia Johnson Governor sign in your yard
  • Working at the polls on November 2, 2021

To volunteer your service, talent, or time click here.